How to fix IT Band Syndrome

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IT Band syndrome  is a painful condition many runners may face during their training.  It can be so bad, runners are faced with mandatory complete rest.  Massage has been shown to speed up the recovery process and eliminate the pain altogether.

IT Band pain is common in athletes, often resulting in pain on the outside of the knee.   Often, the pain is so bad runners are forced to take time off and do nothing.  The IT band begins in the hip as the tensor fascia latae muscle (hip flexor)  and connects at three different muscles: the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and vastus lateralis. The muscle becomes a fibrous band of tissue as it progresses down the thigh, then crosses the knee joint, and inserts along the lateral (outside) portion of the patella (knee cap) and into the tibia (shin) bone on a bump known as Gerdy’s Tubercle.

If you begin experiencing pain on the outside of the knee, see if the IT Band is tight and could be the reason for the pain.ITB



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