IT Band Self Massage Solution

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IT Band Foam RollFor those who log many miles or are just really active, you are bound to have really tight IT Bands.  Eventually, if you let them get tight enough, you may have knee pain, hip flexor issues, and changed movement of the leg during running and other activities.  Tightness may come from the lateral (outside) quadriceps, or from the lateral hamstrings, or both.

I find great success in loosening up IT Bands within one session, and to the client, a new sense of mobility and looseness.  For those who can’t get into to see me, using a foam roller or a PVC pipe from the hardware store is a way to provide some relief before and after workouts.

Perform the exercise as shown, rocking back and forth over the tight tissue.  For many, this might be very uncomfortable at first, but when the tissue loosens, you will feel nothing.  I have found it might take 5-10 days of foam rolling to show improvement in IT band tightness.

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