Through the various options listed, we can help you improve your sports performance and everyday living.

Our methods can help improve those who suffer:

  • Achilles issues
  • Feet issues, such as Plantar Fasciatis
  • Muscle strains/pulls
  • IT Band pain/tightness
  • Lower back pain/tightness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain/tightness
  • Foot/Knee pain

We offer 3 types of sports massage sessions:

Spot Work Sessions : Aimed at fixing nagging issues in one or two locations.  Since most nagging issues require more time to work on, most of the session time will be spent on these areas using various massage/soft tissue techniques.

Tune Up Sessions:  This session is aimed at working most of the entire body.  This is ideal for those in training who need work everywhere without any special attention to any areas.  These sessions use a variety of massage techniques, including deep tissue where needed, fascial release, and other techniques.

High Performance Sessions: These sessions are ideal for those who have had several Tune Up sessions within a few weeks time and are ready for a performance improvement/big race.  These sessions are not aggressive and aim to stimulate the muscle tone for optimal muscle contractions.


Session Cost:$75

Session Length:  Sessions end when issues are resolved.  All sessions end with a my high performance lower body stretching sequence.


To set up your session, contact Roger at or by phone at  586-531-4284


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