Success Stories

“Not many things come to mind when I try and think of another way to top off a high school senior season high of being a part of an All-State relay team. But leave it up to Roger White to find your next limit. That summer my relay team and I continued our training with him with the goal of making it to the USATF National Junior Olympic T&F Championship meet. It was amazing how much time he set aside for us in fundraising, training, and therapy. When you have a coach that is as dedicated to your training as he is, it makes all the little things that much easier; whether it’s stretching, icing, or just doing some sort of treatment that you need to be doing. He always had the tools and knowledge to keep us on track with where we needed to be. It was truly a pleasure to be able to train with someone as educated, motivating, and resourceful as Roger. Oh, and later that summer, my relay team and I went on to finish in the top 8 at the national meet, claiming the title of All-Americans. Thank you, Roger!”

Chris Scott, Utica High School, Oakland University

“Over the past two years, I have been lucky enough to be a track and field athlete under Roger White. He has coached numerous High School Track and Field State Qualifiers as well as All-State athletes. His passion and dedication for the sport and his athletes is extraordinary and it shows. Knowledge is something that does not fall short for Roger. Whether you’re hurt and need treatment or feeling great and ready to fly, he makes sure you are comfortable, healthy, and ready to go. He is also very caring and attentive to making sure all of his athletes accomplish what they set out to accomplish. One of the many things I’ve learned from Roger White is to never underestimate yourself. The body is capable of extraordinary things and he excels at preparing you to extend your limits. ” 

Glen Scott, Utica High School, Oakland University

“In one season, Roger completely changed the way I approached training.  In just four short months, I developed the explosive start that had eluded me for years, increased my flexibility 3-fold, recovered faster from workouts, and ultimately shaved 2 seconds off my 400m time.  The amount of attention Roger gave to me was incredible; he is the reason I was able to win All-State honors in Track and Field.”

Connor Hinebaugh, Utica High School, Harvard University

“Roger worked with me for four summers.  His methods definitely helped me play basketball at the Division 1 level.  As a point guard, I was in great shape and felt faster than any other player on any team we played.  I gained more confidence and my level of play increased as well as my speed.  I would definitely work with him again”

Jasmin MacAlpine, College Basketball Player, Oakland University



“Roger is excellent at what he does. I have found them to be a tremendous source of first class training information!  I would recommend them to any athlete.”

Ali Pullen, Saltire Conditioning
Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland


“We were fortunate to have Roger White conduct a 5 hour seminar about speed training all the techniques that entails during our Rite Stuff Camp. We had 26 Football Coaches and 139 football players in attendance.  There grade range was from 9th.- 12th. grade and some players entering into their Freshman year in college this fall.  My early concerns of keeping that many and that age groups attention for 5 hours were quickly dispelled Mr. White total preparation and interactive skills with all the age groups.  His personal energy level and communications skills are phenomenal.  I am 70 years old and have been a Fortune 500 executive for 2 Fortune companies, owned my  own business and coached football for a number of years now and have never witnessed any better that Roger White in presenting his program.  He will always be a welcome guest at any of our programs.

Jack Rowan
Head High School Football Coach


“Coach, Just wanted to let you know that my son Luke took second at the Oakland County Middle School Track Meet in the 200M dash. Both Luke and I are positive that the result of you refforts made a significant difference”

Timo L. Nicholaou, Parent


“My son has been working with Roger for almost two years, and we have seen great improvement in his flexibility and agility.  Roger has also implemented a strength training workout plan for him, in which he has not only gotten stronger, but also learned proper weight lifting techniques.   I have been so pleased with Roger and his programs that our high school has enlisted him to work with our entire football class.  The students have taken to Roger very well, and work very hard for him.  Roger’s knowledge and methods make his training program great for any one in any sport at any age.”

Mike Garrett, Parent & High School Coach


 “Since joining Roger’s  training program, not only has my son’s speed improved, but there is a noticeable difference in his flexibility and balance. Roger is passionate about what he does, and his techniques work.  I highly recommend the program.”

Arlene Price, Parent



“My daughter Ariel has been training with Roger for approximately one and one half years, more intensively during this past year. As this track season began she posted personal best times at practice for the 70, 100 and 200 meter races. Two meets into the season she has broken the school record for the 100, and certainly will improve her times in all three events. She has finished first in all her races at all distances. Her soccer performance she has advanced to the highest level team and is playing “up” one age group with another team, showing measurable gains in speed strength and agility. She has been injury- free during the entire time she has seen Roger, a tribute to his thorough methods. In my opinion Roger is an expert in his field. While it is true that I am first a parent, I have a Masters Degree from one of the top three research programs in Physical Education throughout the country (Michigan State University), so I am quite familiar with the principles of exercise physiology. Equally as important in training with youth is the ability to connect, and Roger is superb at developing youth talent while infusing motivation and realistic wisdom. As a Principal and Educator for many years, it is obvious to me that Roger is the perfect fit for youth that have the motivation to improve their skills. His rapport with his athletes is exceptional, and he is 100% dedicated to his program.”

Al Katsimpalis, Ed.D., Parent



“Both of our sons worked with Roger and we have seen tremendous improvement in their performances.  Roger customizes his methods to help our sons to the next level.  Roger devotes many hours to developing his methods and he is completely dedicated to his clients’ success.”

Donna & Milan Radich, Parents



” Roger has worked with our baseball program for the past 2 years and I have seen huge improvement in our overall performance. Besides being dedicated and hard working, Roger truely cares about each player. Everyone of our players look forward to working with him and wouldn’t use any other trainer.”

Mike Morris, Troy Athens Head Varsity Baseball Coach



As the head coach of an elite summer baseball team that has eleven players headed to play college baseball and as an assistant high school varsity baseball coach I believe one of the key elements you must have with your players and support groups is “trust”.  We are working with athletes and you must surround yourself with people you care about them and their well being.  I trust Roger with all my players.  To go a step further I am also a parent of a varsity player and a college baseball player.  I trust Roger with my kids also.  He is always looking out for their best interest and is looking to help them maximize their potential while keeping their overall health as a high priority.  Our baseball team at Troy Athens had only won a few league titles and even fewer district titles in their 31 year existence.  We brought Roger in to help train our players in the off season and for the first time in our school history our baseball program won the league title and the district title in the same year.  Our class of 2007 speed, quickness and fitness level was a direct result from Rogers training and a major factor in our success.

Tim Penz, U18 Michigan Muddog Head Coach
Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach Troy Athens


“My children are involved in several different sports.  I had the advantage of watching Roger work with clients while my daughter Laura was doing differenttraining at the same facility. I saw how he worked well with his clients and they respected what he wanted them to do because they all took the trainingseriously. It was a big advantage to see his program in action before signing up for it. Additionally, the location and cost made the program work for us.  Laura has always had speed. She has been one of the fastest runners on her team. As she begins to grow into her body she was losing stability and coordination when she would run. Roger has helped her to re-gain control over these growth changes and use this to her advantage in increasing speed and running technique.  Roger’s program’s success can be measured on and off the field. On the field you can see structural changes. Running technique changes and improves, the speed of your player increases dramatically, and others can see these changes.   But the biggest change that can’t be measured or seen by the average person is the way that Roger relates to his clients and how he makes them feel better about themselves.  Most players that work with Roger are coming into their adult bodies, entering puberty, and are growing and changing rapidly. What also changes is there confidence in the kid’s ability to be successful as they get older and see the competition changing in size also. The competition may be growing faster than they are – thus making them doubt their skills and ability when competing with players bigger than them.  Roger’s best asset is his ability to get the players to feel good about themselves, and regain the confidence as a player.  This new found confidence as a young adult, plus the additional skills acquired with speed and strength training, is the key to the success as a growing player.”

Diane Johnston, Parent


“Laura’s speed has allowed her to run down through balls offensively and recover quickly defensively. She is on her way to becoming one of my most dangerous forwards. When Laura first came to Waza she was playing two years up. She attended every extra training sessions becoming technically sound and creative. However, she never really had the ‘guts’ to show these skills around her older teammates or competitors.  Roger, your methods have made an awesome impact on Laura. She is a very different player than she was in the Fall. Thanks for your great work.”

Phil Moore, Soccer Coach, WAZA FC


“I was interested in training with Roger because I had witnessed some of your work first hand.  I realized that your help would give me an edge over my competition.  The summer sessions helped me tremendously for college.  I was able to pass our required fitness test with flying colors.  I set personal bests in timed 2 mile, sit ups until failure, and push ups to failure. Besides the fitness, I became quicker, which added a new element to my game.”

Andy Klenner, current college soccer player


 “I was interested in working with Roger because I wanted to prepare for college soccer.. His methods helped me tremendously for Western Michigan University. It helped me not only pass my fitness test but get one of the highest times that WMU has seen in many years. He helped me get in shape which helped get me a starting spot”

Stephanie Skowneski, WMU Women’s Soccer All-Time Leading Scorer

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