Water based recovery techniques

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For runners and athletes of any sports, there comes a time when the body feels sluggish, “trashed,” and legs feel dead.  One popular method for improving recovery from these conditions involves water, sometimes called hydrotherapy.  Likely you’ve heard about this, but now the question becomes:

  • Hot, cold, or both?
  • For how long?
  • Standing or sitting?
  • When is it best to use water therapy?
AIS Halson

Dr. Shona Halson inside AIS hydrotherapy facilities

Australian Institute of Sport Head of Recovery, Shona Halson, is one of the leading researchers in water therapy for performance, publishing numerous papers on the subject.  Her research has asked the right questions in determining how best to optimize water therapy in a recovery program for athletes.  She presented the answers to the questions above at the 2013 Aspetar Conference in Qatar.  Her presentation can be seen in this video below.  You can find her on Twitter at @ShonaHalson.

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